Manufacturing of a Cold Roll Steel Pedestal for the Food Equipment Industry


With our large, well equipped facility and technically skilled workforce, at Miller Precision Manufacturing Industries, Inc., we have the resources to create heavy duty steel components using a mix of fabrication processes. We manufactured the pedestal highlighted here to rigidly support a 60 quart planetary mixer used in the food processing industry. A pre-production design review allowed us to develop an efficient and cost effective manufacturing process. Operations throughout the shop involved laser cutting, vertical milling, turning, press brake forming, as well as MIG and form die seam welding. Each of these processes was executed using digitally controlled equipment for precise accuracy and repeatability.


Constructed from cold rolled, pickled and oiled steel with excellent surface quality for maintaining hygienic standards, this workpiece featured overall dimensions of 15" in length x 15.5" in width x 46" in height. Detailed CMM inspection confirmed that we met the ±.0005" tolerance specification. Built to provide maximum stability during sustained operation of a high powered commercial mixer, we delivered 1,300 units to the customer. If you are interested in learning more about this project or the methods we used to produce it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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